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Fitness & Wellness Works

Fitness & Wellness Works
Fitness & Wellness Works is a leader in granting access to creative, user-friendly, productive Wellness Programs for our valued clients. Wellness Programs are now viewed by many customers, producers and consumers as a viable tool to help curb rising health care costs and enhance employee performance. Through wellness education, information tools and support, these programs can help people adopt healthy habits, make healthier lifestyle choices, and consume health care services efficiently and effectively.

As a leader, Fitness & Wellness Works is committed to providing superior service and care to our customers and their members. We have developed innovative programs that offer participants the assistance they need while helping to control benefit costs for our clients.

Our programs are designed specifically for individuals looking for a total health and physical activity program that is beneficial for persons of all fitness levels. Join Now

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Multi-Med Healthcare

Multi-Med Healthcare
Multi-Med Healthcare is a Discount Plan that provides consumers with savings for all their medical service needs. Multi-Med Healthcare provides discount services and discount programs that are affordable and have been created to meet your needs.

Multi-Med Healthcare is designed to help you reduce your health care spending and start living a healthier lifestyle. By becoming a Multi-Med Healthcare member, you have immediate access to:
  • Typical savings of 5-50% on health and wellness services for you and your family.
  • More than 500,000 provider locations nationwide.
  • On-the-spot savings-no claim forms to submit.
Multi-Med Discount Services provides affordable access to quality networks of healthcare and professional providers as well as many other much needed services at remarkable discounts to you and your family! Join Now and start SAVING today!


Alliance Underwriters

Alliance Underwriters strives to meet the employee benefits market needs in creative ways. Please review our extensive list of stop loss, life and other products and services. Give us the opportunity to listen to your needs and respond with fresh ideas.

The Third Party Administrator (TPA) is our primary customer. Let us show you how a partnership with us can improve your profits with product expansion and innovative ways to reduce expenses.



MedWatch was established as a Utilization Management and Medical Case Management Company in 1988. We have been accredited by the American Accreditation HealthCare Commission/URAC since 1997 in Health Utilization Management and accredited for Medical Case Management in 2001. URAC is a national accreditation body whose mission is to improve the quality, accountability and efficiency of health care, using quality-based standards to evaluate the medical review process. Many states now mandate URAC accreditation for any organization that provides UM services to residents of that state. MedWatch is also certified in any state that requires certification of private review agents.



Netexus Technologies, Inc

Netexus Technologies
Netexus Technologies has over 10 years experience in web site development and support. Their staff is knowledgeable and directly accessible; you will deal directly with someone who intimately knows your business and its online initiatives. Netexus Technologies know their customers by name and customer service is one of our top priorities. Netexus Technologies views their relationship with their clients as being business partners and their success is determined by how successful your business is at achieving its online initiatives. Netexus Technologies response times are second to none, as can be attested to by their current clients. Netexus Technologies cares about your business and takes the time necessary to fully understand your business models and goals in order to provide you with the best possible solutions. Netexus Technologies has creates lasting relationships with their clients and provide them with the highest level of service attainable. Special discounts are available for APTN members.


Life Fitness & Hammer Strength

Life Fitness & Hammer Strength
LifeFitness is the largest commercial fitness equipment manufacturer in the world. Their industry-leading cardiovascular and strength-training products are used in health, fitness, and wellness facilities, as well as in homes, worldwide. Life Fitness is your single source for total fitness solutions. All APTN members will receive special APTN pricing! For more information or to order equipment, please call the APTN sales representative account manager, Bryan Lansberry at (561) 540-5807 or e-mail him at


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